Muuksi Loits  is brave and calm youngster. Has been trained proper groundwork, riding in 3 gaits. Well balanced and safe to ride. Strong body-building and musculature. Could be suitable for driving as well.
Living mainly outside, but is also polite in the stable. Respects electric fence, no problems with transport.
Dewormed, hooves trimmed. EU-passport, microchip. Otherwise healthy, but unfortunately has sweet-itch, must have rug in the summer.
Born: 28.05.2020
Height: ca 143 cm, growing
Colour: chestnut
OFFER: 3900 EUR, valid till 31.12!

For sale Estonian native gelding Muuksi Ekke
born 10.07.2019, color: bay dun, s: Ever d: Aami,  height will be over 145cm.

For sale Estonian native mare Muuksi Talvike
born  22.11.2016 color:  cremello s: Muuksi Traks d: Ripsu, height: 147 cm
Talvike is friendly and nice horse. Has been ridden a lot in the countryside. Suitable for beginners or children.
MORE INFO       Sold!

For sale Estonian native mare Arabella
born:  12.06.2020   color: grey s:  Aksel 722E d:  Muuksi Tralla